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Cornice Boards

Cornices make the perfect centerpiece for any room, drawing the eye’s attention immediately to the window.

cornice 2  photo3-v2007AA713-AC98-4B9A-BF18-2D9BBB68D3E4 cornice 3 7B233E92-9798-4342-82E1-5AB60EBB7E27 25A7D6EC-42FE-483F-9839-C657DB5E3E8B 0908F277-3E76-4F32-AB5D-81B9EDF6C2D3 20046610-CED2-40BC-B3D6-C756564B50EB991B5BA1-6C8E-4620-933C-7D4115119B5F  B007C2A1-602A-4E23-9725-4BBFCFE10807 B73D49D8-E905-4269-9DA0-7C03842CC2E3 E457BF34-0BD9-4710-9314-FE0E4CF48178 F16B6CB4-5785-48AD-8719-C5C2A08E505C

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Swags offer a variety of options to compliment any room decor.

swags 1 swags 2

swags 5 IMG_1161

swags 3 IMG_1299

photo1 swags 4
Swags IMG 491 Swags IMG 541
IMG_1010 IMG_0976IMG_0891 Swags IMG 292IMG_0803 IMG_1042  IMG_1052 IMG_1043 IMG_1044 IMG_1045 IMG_1046 IMG_1047 IMG_1048 IMG_1049 IMG_1050 IMG_1051 IMG_1053IMG_1056 IMG_1057

IMG_1068 IMG_1054IMG_1061

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Looking to add enduring style and sophistication to a room? Add a top treatment to your design. The distinctive look naturally draws the eye to the window, which is only enhanced by the beautiful shapes and colors. The top treatment’s flexibility can create a variety of dramatic looks—a solo treatment can define the window space just as well as a multi-layered grouping composed of shades, sheers or draperies.valances 1IMG_1063IMG_1311 IMG_1126

IMG_1086 IMG_0436

iphone 2 IMG_1059

IMG_1074 IMG_1157

Valances IMG 370 Valances IMG 61

IMG_1055 IMG_1058 IMG_1062 IMG_1064 IMG_1065 IMG_1066 IMG_1067 IMG_1070 IMG_1071 IMG_1072 IMG_1073  IMG_1075 IMG_1076 IMG_1077 IMG_1078 IMG_1079 IMG_1080 IMG_1081 IMG_1082 IMG_1083 IMG_1084 IMG_1087 IMG_1088 IMG_1089 IMG_1090 IMG-20121027-00056 IMG_1092  IMG_1091

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